Hello, I’m Emma!


Since September 2006 when I got my first menstrual period, I have been fascinated by how this natural, cyclical bleeding surreptitiously touches every person on the planet. 


Even if you do not have a uterus and will never have a period in your life, you’ve probably interacted with (and even had close relationships with) someone who does. The judge who is hearing your court case, the firefighter who saved your home, the mechanic working on your car, or the person who brewed your coffee today, could have “been on their period”. 


Even if you grew up on an island with no other inhabitants, disposable period product waste (and the chemicals that leach out of them) from other parts of the world have without a doubt invaded your local oceans, soils, rainwater, and even your fish (in the form of microplastics). 


Menstruation impacts everyone, whether they recognize it or not. 


I created Gold Hormones to boost awareness about the impact that menstruation has on people and the planet. On the way, I hope I can inspire and empower others to do the same. Let’s normalize talking about menstruation…especially with sustainability and self-empowerment in mind!