To Bring More Attention To Re-usable Period Products

If you are introduced to a product or a brand at a young age, it is easy to have reflexive loyalty to that product or brand as an adult, even if you know it’s not great value or quality. We’ve all done it. Hoodsie Cups are one of my favorite ice cream products, because that’s what I ate on the beach as a kid. I still buy Pabst Blue Ribbon on occasion, because of the memories associated with its taste and that red, white, and blue can.


Many people with periods spend their entire lives loyal to the same period products that they were introduced to when they first started menstruating. If you are menstruating in 2020, you probably used disposable pads or tampons when you reached puberty, because that’s what was popular or most available back then. 


Disposable period products are not the only option. In fact, they are not even the best option for many people.


Menstrual cups, menstrual discs, cloth pads, and period underwear have been around for decades, but just started getting popular around 2010. Switching from disposables to these products has been positively revolutionary for my period and for my life. These products are often more comfortable, more affordable in the long run, create less waste, and are better for the environment than disposable period products. Not to mention they introduce a little fun to your period routine. 


Another reason why I started Gold Hormones is to bring awareness to these reusable menstrual products. I am in the process of designing my own line of reusable menstrual products — stay tuned! 

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