how to use a menstrual cup

How to Use a Menstrual Cup in 4 Easy Steps

There is a small learning curve to using a menstrual cup. Depending on the cup you buy (if it’s the right cup for you) it could take more than one cycle to learn how to confidently insert it properly with no risk of leakage. Once you get over this learning curve, switching solely to menstrual cups will be a no-brainer.

1. Insertion

Wash your hands, rinse your cup with cold water, sit on the toilet, and fold your cup using the method in which you feel most comfortable and confident.

My favorite method is the punch down method, because it folds the tip of the cup into almost the size of a tampon applicator. Many beginners also start with the C-fold.

Just like you would a tampon, push the cup into your vagina, tilting it back towards the base of your spine. The top of the cup should pop open automatically once inside, creating a suction at the base of your cervix which will prevent leaks.

This is the most important part of inserting your cup: run your index finger around the perimeter of the cup to make sure it is completely popped open. Twist or rotate the cup if you need to, in order to make sure it is open and suctioned.

You should be able to tug down on the stem and see that the the cup will not come down with it. Don’t rush the insertion, especially when you are learning for the first time. Become familiar with how your cervix feels, and how you cup folds.

2. Removal

When you’re ready to empty your cup, wash your hands and sit on the toilet. Push your pelvic muscles as if you were bearing down to poop, and gently pull the stem of the cup down until you can grab the base of the cup with two fingers. Pinch the base of the cup to release the suction, then pull the cup out gently. Dump the contents into the toilet, then rinse the cup in cold water. If you are in a public bathroom, you can just wipe the cup with toilet paper. You can now re-insert the cup, or put it away.

3. Cleaning

I have found that the best way to keep your cup clean and free of stains is to rinse it with cold (not hot) water after each use. At the end of your cycle, boil your cup for 5 minutes.

4. Storage

Keep your cup in its own carrying case when not in use. Most cups come with an inconspicuous pouch, which you can take with you anywhere!

How to use a menstrual cup in 4 easy steps

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