8 Questions Men Have Asked Me About Periods

And I’m grateful that they asked. 

1. Do you have any warning that it’s coming?

Before I started charting my cycle, my period caught me off guard every month (or whenever it came — I’m not even sure if my cycle was regular back then). My only warning sign was cramps, and those weren’t even a good predictor: Sometimes they would come a week before my period, other times they would come a few days before my period, and other times they would come the day of my period.  

Now that I chart my cycle, I know the exact day that my period is going to come, even if my cycle is irregular. Charting has been a life-changing practice.

2. Does putting a tampon in feel good?

No. When I first started using tampons (4 years after my first period) it took me an hour to put one in, and it was a nauseating process. But after a few cycles it became routine, like flossing.

3. Can you get pregnant during your period?

YES! Although it’s not as likely to get pregnant during your period as it is during your fertile window, it is still possible.

4. Can you feel the blood coming out all day?

If I only have a pad on, then yes. If I have a tampon or menstrual cup in, then no.

5. How long does it last?

My periods have always lasted about 7 days.

6. Is it really that painful?

I’m not sure about other ladies, but for me…YES! I used to have about 5 or 6 periods a year where I was bed-bound for a day with nausea, cramps, and dizziness. I have publicly fainted more times than I can count. The pain was sudden, severe, and as if an alien had invaded my body. Luckily, I have have been able to reduce these types of painful cycles drastically!

7. How do you deal with this every month?

Women are stronger beings than they get credit for!

8. Can I do anything to help?

Sure, thanks for asking. Here are 2 things I believe all menstruators would appreciate:

  • Understand and acknowledge that this may be a difficult time for the menstruator. Be a little more patient than usual. 
  • Don’t get grossed out. If you want kids someday, you should be thankful for periods.
8 Questions Men Have Asked Me About Periods

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